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LED lights are great to softly illuminate and to create the right atmosphere, in particular when used in interior design projects. VizIoT goes one step forward by creating a relation between lights and Internet data; with VizIoT you can visualise at glance the information and metrics that matter for you, retrieved from web and transformed into LED lights patterns. VizIoT gives color to IoT, using Arduino, Temboo and Microsoft Azure IoT.

VizIoT project is based on Arduino MKR1000 board, which is used to control an LED strip and to retrieve data from the web. The setup of the project is highly configurable, since Arduino can be instructed remotely via a PC/Smartphone application. Thanks to a simple instruction set based on few commands, it is possible in fact to select the Internet service to be used to modulate LED lights patterns. For example, typing STOCKS AAPL will instruct Arduino to retrieve the value of Apple stocks in real time from YahooFinance! and turn LED lights accordingly.

Several other configurations will be available for visitors to test: weather forecast for a given location, number of unread emails given a gmail account, number of appointments in Google calendar (or time before the next appointment), sentiment analysis of last received emails in a Gmail account given a sender name, track sunrise/noon/sunset for a given location.


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