LattePanda – A Windows 10 Computer for Everything

Standnummer: 56

533-900x600Lattepanda is the world‘s first windows 10 computer designed for maker, an IoT developer, a hardware DIYer, an interactive designer, a robotics whizz, or a software developer. It’s a palm-sized running with quad-core processor. It comes with everything a desktop computer has and can do anything that not only a desktop computer does. Moreover, to make it suitable for wide range of user scenarios, Lattepanda also comes packaged with an Arduino compatible co-processor.

We will build several interesting demos to share the wide application based on LattePanda, including the education case, home automation demos connecting with several smart home sensor or voice control. We’ve also built a mobile robot using LattePanda as a powerful brain, which could be very attractive application when running around the booth in my view.


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