Gaze Beyond

Standnummer: 120

Gaze Beyond technology & human bonding

Humans rely on physical, non-verbal communication as much as we do with our voices and minor things can completely change the tone of an interaction between two people.
Flooded by digital interactions, one unexpected crossing of sights along the day can mean more than many instant messages or likes. And if lovers really do gaze more into each other’s eyes, how to connect sights when there’s a long distance bringing the two further apart?
The Gaze Beyond Necklace aims to bridge two people sights by making the user know when the loved one is facing you no matter where in world they are, therefore a metaphorical eye-contact is made. This occasional short-lived happening is shown by the color changes on the necklace’s pendant.
The connection is made through the angulation of two necklaces. It’s pendant has a Compass, an LED and an Arduino board connected by bluetooth to exchange the necklaces GPS locations data and accordingly changing its color when the two are facing or apart each other.


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