BalanceBot consists of a device that has to be posed on a proprioceptive platform, that would support the operator while doing his exercise of rehabilitation. The module creates a hotspot, which makes it possible to access to the website with your own device. On this website there are two different options: you can draw the balance graph, in which the inclination of the board is shown in real time along the longitudinal axis, in order to measure the distance from the horizontal position, and you can play an interactive game based on the movements of the board, appropriate for children, teenagers and adults looking for a funnier rehabilitation! We have linked the wemos to the chip gy-521 and after setting up the alimentation circuit in the right way, we began to work on the code; we have created the website using a Bootstrap page for the front-end part and creating a Javascript for a Websocket so that the device can communicate with our BalanceBot.

Ansprechpartner/in: Maria Grazia Berardo

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