araBeat + araBot

=== araBeat ===

araBeat is an interactive new media art developed for the artistic sonification of Electrocardiogram (ECG). It is a complete system that consists of modules of ECG, DSP, MCU & Motherboard.

araBeat captures ECG of human Interactors through two gel-less electrodes, identifies the QRS complex of ECG, calculates the time difference between the R wave peaks and using Audio DSP, it synthesizes high & low frequency sound in realtime, which is synchronized with the heartbeats of the Interactor.

araBeat lies in the spectrum of new media art, the form of interaction with the technology is designed with aesthetics in mind using stainless steel electrodes in the form of human hand.

araBeat is designed to be extendable using modular designs, so that every component can be just individually plugged into the motherboard. It is also built as an industrial grade system to operate in harsh weather conditions from -40 ° Celsius to 85 ° Celsius. Furthermore, it is designed to comply with medical grade electronics to have low electrical noises and safety.

In the first public appearance, araBeat is integrated into a permanent & public mosaic art installation located in Minneapolis, USA.

araBeat – hands-on interaction with the installation that makes music from the heartbeat

=== araBot ===

araBot is a multipurpose digital fabrication machine based on existing opensource designs. An effort to build an environment awareness machine with Industry 4.0 and IoT principles.

araBot is capable of doing CNC Milling, 3D Printing, PCB Milling, Laser Engraving & Cutting, Vinyl Cutting, Plotting and Food Printing.

Therefore, it is able to do subtractive and additive fabrication with endless possibilities.

araBot doesn’t limit itself to be a simple desktop fabrication machine, but step-by-step integrating Industry 4.0 and IoT technologies into it as a research, to foresee the future digital fabrication machines. For instance, a 3D depth sensor will be used to create a point-cloud of the workpiece on the build-platform/spoil-board, thereby creating the digital twin. Furthermore, acoustic beam-forming will be used as an active-noise-cancellation to suppress the high frequency noises produced during the operation of the machine.

araBot was conceived from the RepRap philosophy, that it should be able to make its own parts by processing various material. Majority of this is based on MPCNC project. Additionally, the control-box is built using industrial automation standard with wire-raceways, motion controlling firmware is Marlin, external structure is built using T-Slot Aluminium profiles, peripherals control is built using Arduino Mega and IoT component of the project is built using RaspberryPi.

araBot – kids will color the styrofoam takeaways made using CNC mill, like in Maker Faire Berlin 2018

Ansprechpartner: Aravinth Panch

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