Amethyst AUV Platform

We will show functional uderwater drone wich is completed from cheapest possible components, sensors, motors on the market. Drone wich you can 3D print at home, assemble and program for minimum purchase price of material but with close or same value as professional entry level AUVs cost hundred thousands. Main idea is to give access to underwater exploration and robotic development for everyone. Just download files, print them down, assemble and invent your own robotic creation.

We are showing hacks how to turn ordinary of the shelf motors, servos and other electronic into sea water ready, water tight and safe components using simplest techniques everyone can follow at home. Also we show how to 3D print objects for waterborne applications and which materials use to do so. Interaction of electronic, software and 3D objects is presented as well. Visitor will find out how easy and with minimum budget he or she can dive into underwater robotics and possibly find new interesting hobby.

Ansprechpartner/in: Andrej Gorodkov


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