Amethyst AUV – 3d printed robotic submarine

Standnummer: 52

Thema: Robots

Amethyst AUV is robotic submarine printed piece by piece on ordinary 3D printer and assembled in to one big, capable underwater drone. Its run by Raspberry pi zero and group of Arduinos. it has from one to five motors – depend on configuration, IMU sensor, compass, GPS, radio control, depth sensor and off course camera. All STL files needed to build your very own AUV are in open source and all electronic components you will need are cheap and widely available.

Mitmachangebot: We are showing hacks how to turn ordinary of the shelf motors, servos and other electronic into sea water ready, water tight and safe components using simplest techniques everyone can follow at home. Also we show how to 3D print objects for waterborne applications and which materials use to do so. Interaction of electronic, software and 3D objects is presented as well. Visitor will find out how easy and with minimum budget he or she can dive into underwater robotics and possibly find new interesting hobby.

Ansprechpartner/in: Andrej Gorodkov

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