4Viva Blackbox

We printed a new innovative product with a 3D printer. A 2v1 holder for a phone or a GoPro camera that can be used on motorcycle, bicycle, car or also for home/ office. With this product, we also want to reduce traffic accidents. Instead of texting while driving, the phone can better be used for GPS or as a dashcam. There are three models: a standard holder that also works for phones in covers, a basic holder & charger with wire on self retractable system and a Premium holder & wireless fast 10w charger. The holder works with the help of a special designed backplate on the phone, which simply hast to be slided into the holder. It holds the phone in every situation on the road. Save phone, save life! Coming soon @kickstarter! Yolo!

Demonstration of 3D-printed 2in1 holder and also wireless charging technology from Nikola Tesla.

Ansprechpartner/in: Armin Arkovic

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